RECOVERING NATURALLY - From pain to peace | A meditation

These vessels we live in are self-righting little ships.

When we relax and come to the center of the body and mind, our ships will right themselves automatically. Taking matters into our own hands and forcing things into the balance we want will usually only make matters worse. When we pursue a solution to our imbalance by trying to make someone comply with our demands or by medicating our pain with a substance or a behavior, we end up further away from a lasting solution.

We are seeking the answer in an imaginary shadow dimension, in the shadow of the real thing we are looking for. So it's devoid of the substance, of the life and/or love that the real can give. Therefore the shadow can only give back non-life, or a degree of deadness. (This is, by the way, for the Christians reading this, what a "sin" is. The word "sin" was originally an archery term meaning missing the whole target.)

The formula for Joy, as I learned in my youth, is Jesus first, Others second and Yourself last. I used to balk at this (spiritual teachings foisted on kids before they're developmentally ready often don't work out so well...), but as I meditated on it this morning, I realized - when you translate "Jesus" here to mean Christ-mind, or Cosmic Mind - that it is true: When, number one, I make my primary intention in life to commune with the Spirit of Truth for the definition of myself ("child of god") - that I am and we all are actually in and of this oceanic Christ Spirit - then, number two, I put my intention on being aware of other's needs and endeavor to serve them; then, lastly, the needs of my little self automatically fall into place. I need not worry. Everything will be provided for me, for us.

So, come to the Now, the crossroads of life (the "cross"), where we are, in the center of all that is happening in reality. Picture this: the human being we are today and the path we are on, emerges into the present from a history that stretches back to the roots of our ancient primordial mysterious past; ahead of us, the path unfolds on and on into an eternal future; above us, the infinite heights of cosmic mind descend and connect up with our little minds and meet, within us at the heart, the Spirit of Love arising from the infinite depths of its source; and on either side of us, the fellowship of the family of heaven stretches out to the very horizons of all existence.

Choose now to be gratefully in this center of the presence of Everything, the center of awareness, the center of consciousness, the center of yourself and the very center of Now, the Christ. This is where to look for everything you need.

And this is where we learn the meaning of surrender. We can absolutely trust the guidance we receive when we get grounded, centered and present. You could think of this higher consciousness as GOD (Good Orderly Direction), the Great Spirit of Now, the Lord who is our shepherd, who leads us and in whom we need not want for anything else at all.

Joel Turgesen, MA, LPC